About the Author

So, what possesses a person to walk out of a doctoral program after they’ve put years into their education and decide they’re going to be writer? Isn’t saying, “I’m going to be a writer” a bit like saying, “I’m going to be an actor?” Pretty much, at least it is if you’re expecting to get famous. It’s fine to have a dream, to aspire, but reality often intrudes. You need a good backup plan. After all, dreams only get you so far, and yet here I am, alone following a desire. It’s scary, but also exhilarating.

I believe it takes a number of things to make a person reach a point where they change their entire life focus, but mostly it takes being miserable, and a burgeoning opportunity to do something else. I may touch on those other things in these pages, or maybe not. We’ll see where the mind wanders.

So, here I am with a pretty useless Master’s degree in clinical psychology (at least as far as life satisfaction goes), a partial doctoral education, a laptop, an adorable Pekingese puppy, and an apartment in a strange city. Oh, and one must not forget my desire to live my life how I choose, and do the things that make me happy. I have a zeal for life, and a drive to succeed. However, keep in mind, my definition of success may be different from yours.

Besides writing, I love the theater, I love to act and direct. These pages are part writing blog, and part author pages. A task that is sure to take many twists and turns, but which will hopefully have a happy ending

Where Are You Going.

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